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The always presentable home

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To be able to fit in, this is one of the first areas you need to address. Your home has to be presentable at all times. If you want these new people to feel comfortable in your home, or if you want them to feel comfortable letting their kids come over to play- its got to be clean and look nice. Disgusting, trailer trash, hillbilly, are all judgements that are made quickly. 

That doesn't mean that you have to buy all new furniture. Your home doesn't need to look like it came out of the latest issue of Architectural Digest. That actually would be a mistake, unless you are dealing with the super wealthy. Your home needs to be stylish, comfortable, and clean.

People will not feel comfortable eating in your home if the kitchen is disgusting.

People won't want to sit on your furniture if its full of stains, crumbs, or animal fur.

Your bathroom speaks volumes about you. My daughter came home one day and said, “I want to ask people how the heck they clean themselves in that disgusting mess.”

Even if you have a cleaning service, you don't let the house get trashed in between.

I know that sounds like a lot of pressure. Don't worry, I have a whole plan designed for you. In my ebook, Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, I lay out a complete plan for keeping your house clean without killing yourself. It will make your life infinitely easier. You can get it here -

Now, even with a great plan, and the terror of having your new friends judge you badly, some people still can't get motivated to take action. Many of the club members have turned to hypnosis for housework haters. Try at first to do it and get into good habits.

We'll talk more about decorating tricks to make your home look better without breaking the bank in a future article.

We'll also talk about the importance of not breaking the bank. This is a big mistake that many people make, and it can wreck your life.

Stay tuned....