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Fitting in when you're moving up

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Not fitting in is a painful experience, no matter how old you are.

Maybe you weren't raised in the best of circumstances – and now you're moving up the ladder. You need to know how to look, act, and feel in a world you don't fit into yet.

Maybe you've married someone wealthier

Maybe you've moved to a new school, neighborhood,

It's really hard when you haven't been exposed to how the other half lives. I know. I was raised by alcoholics and hillbillies. Everything inside me wants to be barefoot, wearing tank tops and cut offs drinking a cold beer with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

That doesn't get you real far, does it?

It doesn't matter how much you know, or how talented you are – you have to fit in to some degree to be taken seriously. I think you already know that or you wouldn't still be reading this. Maybe you shouldn't have to. Maybe it shouldn't be this way. But it is, and you have to learn to fit in - or die.

I had to learn how to live, look, act, feel, and talk the way richer people do.

This will be a series of articles to help you move into your new position in life!

In the meantime, look around the club. There is a lot here that will help you out.

You are always welcome here  Cool

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