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Give your old wood furniture new life

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Tis the season for lots of company. Is your wood furniture looking less than stellar? Tempted to cover it all? You can make it look great again.

Spend an afternoon when the weather is crummy and get your wood furniture looking practically new.

You will need -

Weiman's Furniture Soap
Weiman's Furniture Cream
Rubbing Compound (yes, automotive)
Soft rags

You might also need some stain and wood filler for bad scratches.

Dust off furniture.

Wash with furniture soap using a slightly damp, soft rag.
You don't want to over-wet your wood furniture.

Take your time and make sure to rinse well, frequently rinsing out and wringing your rag.

If you have fine scratches, or the finish is looking dull - put some rubbing compound on your damp rag and gently rub in the direction of the grain. Rubbing compound is a fine sanding, so be very gentle- and do not swirl.

Thoroughly rinse by gently wiping with a clean damp rag until all of the residue is gone, remembering to wring your rag out very well.

If needed, fill in with stain (or wood filler and stain for bigger gouges), and let dry before proceeding. Be sure to wipe stain evenly, and wipe off any excess right away.

With another clean slightly damp rag, apply furniture cream.

With a clean, dry, soft rag, dry and buff the furniture.

Now, leave it alone for at least an hour.

To finish up, apply a good coat of pledge and shine it up.

I know, the last step may be controversial. I have really old furniture that still looks great.

If you do this routine at least once a year (twice at most), your wood furniture will look great for many years to come. Take it from someone who keeps her furniture forever! Seriously - I bought my dresser in the 70’s. I have a few pieces from my grandparents house that date back to the 30s and 40s.

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