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What's your relationship with food?

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Why do you eat? I know, I know – “Carole, I eat because I’m hungry – duh!”

But is that really true?

Sometimes you eat because you’re stressed out.

Sometimes you eat because it’s expected.

Sometimes you eat because it’s break-time, and you’re supposed to.

Do you ever think, “wow, I need some energy – I should have some fruit and protein”? Not likely, eh? Well, hopefully we’re going to change your thinking.

Food serves a definite purpose in our lives.


  • Does it serve you? The act of eating is all about serving your body and your spirit.


  • Does it satisfy you? The act of eating should leave you satisfied, not wanting for more.


  • Does it please you? The act of eat should be pleasurable. Not rushed and mindless.


It’s like the difference between a quickie and romantic lovemaking. (Sorry, it’s the best I could come up with for an example.)

When you sit down to dinner tonight, will it be a bland, tasteless, artery clogging, blood sugar spiking mush that we’ve come to accept as food; or

Will it be full of flavors and colors, textures - juicy, crunchy, hot and cold, smells that make your mouth water, and tastes that wake up those taste buds?

Will it be a dinner that everyone shovels in just to get it over with, or one that encourages everyone to hang around and savor the flavors, and companionship?

Will it be a dinner so hard for your system to handle that it leaves you with no energy to get off the couch?

Or will it be a dinner that re-energizes you and helps your body to repair itself?


Food should be your servant.


  • It should nourish you to the best of its ability. Care for you.

  • It should satisfy you, never leaving you wanting for more.

  • It should please you, make you happy. 

The first thing you need to do is change your mind about what kind of food you’re going to let into your body.

If you’re feeling down or neglected and want to nurture yourself, build a whopping salad filled with all kinds of flavors, and textures. Celebrate that you are filling your body with powerful nutrients that will help you come out on top.

Now that’s nurturing. You are worth it. Inside there is a beautiful, trim, healthy body. Take a minute and picture it. How will your life be different?

Dismiss the old habits that no longer serve you and replace them will faithful new servants who will take care of you and serve you for the rest of your life.

Pleasurable eating involves your senses. Making the act of eating food an enjoyable experience rather than an obligation or habit. It’s about changing your relationship with food forever. Your body will thank you for it.

There’s an old saying – Treat your body like a temple. Are you treating your body like a temple, or a junk-yard?


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