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You Can Prevent Most Cancers

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From the American Cancer Society –

All cancers from smoking and heavy alcohol use could be prevented.”

1/3 of the cancers are related to being overweight, obesity, inactivity, and poor nutrition, and could be prevented.”

Most cancers caused by infections could be prevented by lifestyle changes, vaccines, or antibodies.”

Skin cancer could be prevented by protecting yourself from overexposure to sun’s rays.” (emphasis added – now underexposure is causing vitamin D deficiencies that lead to cancer – ironic?)

It’s really that simple. Don't wait another day. Start turning it around now. I know, you were looking for some magic bullet.

Its as simple as living a healthy lifestyle

Eat a balanced diet of fresh real foods - just not too much.

Decrease your chemical intake - that is not real food.

Get off your butt and get some exercise every day.

Get enough sleep.

Get control of your life as best you can and find ways to reduce stress.

Get sun, but don't burn.

Don't smoke.

The reality is, you already know all of this. Its not rocket science.

Simply start saying no to the things that don't improve your life.



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