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Pasta does not cause diabetes

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I have a dear friend who has been fighting weight problems for many, many years. She's tried all kinds of diets. Even the doctor prescribed ones. (Let me tell you, there is no way you can live with what they tell you to do.)


At one point she tried this hot diet where you basically used their meal replacement shakes all day, and then ate pasta at night. She tells me now that it was the pasta that caused her type II diabetes!


I asked her what kind of sauce she used on her pasta. It was jarred sauce. So, you're eating sauce full of chemicals and corn syrup, and meal replacement shakes full of chemicals and corn syrup, but it's the pasta that caused your diabetes? "Well, that's what the Doctor said."




Pasta, potatoes, and bread - by themselves are not bad in moderation. It's what you put on them! Make your own fresh sauce and you can enjoy pasta without the guilt. Pasta with fresh sauce, a tossed salad, some Italian bread with olive oil for dipping, and a glass of red wine is a nutrient packed, inexpensive dinner. Well, depending on the wine - but you get the point....


Pasta Myth - Busted!


Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn't it?





Find my easy-delicious sauce recipe -


No more corn-syrup filled jar stuff for your family, right?

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