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The slow metabolism myth

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You hear it all of the time - "your metabolism slows down as you get older." BUNK. You slow down as you get older.

 You're not chasing kids around.

 You're not getting up at 5 in the morning to make breakfasts and lunches.

 You might have hired someone to clean the house or do the yard work.

 By the time people are over 50, most are sitting on their duff most of the time.

 And now that you don't have kids depending on your for meals, many people don't feel motivated to cook. They go out, grab fast foods, and eat a lot frozen prepared dinners.

 See what's happening here?

 I'm not too motivated when it comes to cooking either. That's why I have my own brand of cooking - fast, fresh, and brain-dead simple.

You get my best fast meal ideas and recipes right here at the site.

Every time I start falling into that old people way of eating, I feel like crap. How about you? Taking 15 minutes to throw together something healthy is well worth it. And it tastes soooo much better.

 And about that slow metabolism thing?

 Get out and do something! You waited all these years to have the time to do things, and now you're sitting on your duff? Get moving, and so will your metabolism.

 Slow Metabolism Myth Busted!

 How about we do pasta next?



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