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Those Evil Eggs

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Eggs have gotten a bad rap - and it's been at your expense.

Eggs contain choline, lutein, and of course are a great source of protein.

They may prevent obesity, reduce the risk of stroke, protect against breast cancer, keep your eyes healthy, your hair and nails strong, and your mind sharp. Eggs are one of the only good natural sources of lutein which is vitally important for protecting your eyesight.

Eggs are a great food when eaten in moderation. One egg a day, or 2 eggs twice a week. Eggs do contain 213 mg of cholesterol each. But, they make you feel full longer and you'll have fewer cravings, and therefore - you'll have taken in fewer calories when the day is over. According to a recent study at Louisiana State University, it can be as much as 400 calories less! Plus eggs increase your metabolism and build muscle. Eggs contain every vitamin and mineral except vitamin C.

And now they're saying that cholesterol doesn't cause heart attacks after all. As a matter of fact, the opposite may be true. Go figure.

My grandmother used to say that scientists have a lot of book-sense, and not a lick of common sense. She still fell for whatever stupid health theory was in the news. Chicken wings, hamburgers, butter.... even eggs. We always had a list of evil foods she couldn't eat.

And exactly what are egg-beaters anyway? How do you make a fake egg? They're really nasty too.

In light of recent events, I would suggest organic eggs for the most nutrients without the hormones, antibiotics, or salmonella.

Go ahead - eat an egg for breakfast! The whole thing, not just the whites. Heck, skip the whites. All the nutrients are in the yolk anyway. ;-)

Evil Egg Myth - Busted!


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