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Breakfast - the 10 minute miracle

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Breakfast = Break the Fast
Think of it this way. Does your oven cook when it's cold? No – it needs to be heated.
It's the same with your metabolism. You need to fuel it. No fuel – no fire.
You need to eat breakfast, and it needs to be substantial.
That sounds crazy, right?

Eat a good part of your calories early in the day when you need them. You will eat less throughout the day, have more energy, think better, and you'll start losing weight.

Here's a breakfast that will hold you until lunch -

Eat 1 or 2 pieces of toast, or an english muffin, or oatmeal, or cereal – AND yogurt, AND some fresh fruit- like a banana, or orange, or berries, AND a glass of orange juice, AND a cup of coffee or green tea.
A trendy thing around here lately has been an english muffin with peanut butter and honey. That's really filling! Of course, a banana pairs up great with this. A glass of juice and some coffee or tea and you're off to the races.
Take the extra 10 minutes and eat breakfast. The benefits far outweigh the little bit of sacrafice -
You'll have plenty of energy to get through your morning. You'll be running circles around everyone else.
You'll actually eat fewer calories in the long run. You'll be satisfied and you won't be grabbing anything that comes in front of your face.
And you'll start your day off with a couple servings of fruit to help your immune system and have great looking skin.

Not bad for 10 minutes, right?


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