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Responsible Sweet Eating

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You know, we always hear about drinking responsibly, but we never hear anything about eating responsibly.

One of the reasons that traditional diets fail is that we don't want to give up some of our favorite things, right? Well, you don't have to give up sweets, you just have to eat them responsibly.  

Here's some tips to make eating sweets safer - 

Make them yourself

When you make them yourself, first off – they taste better. But more than that – you'll have less sugar, sodium, and dangerous fats. And you won't be pumping yourself full of dangerous chemicals After you get used to making things yourself, you won't like the chemical taste of the packaged stuff anymore.

 Eat a responsible portion

One piece of cake or pie, not the whole thing. If you're going to try more than one dessert, take a half a piece.

If you're eating cookies – take a few out of the container and put them on a plate. Put the container away. Go eat the cookies. Do not go back for more.  

Eat your sweets right after the meal

You'll be fuller, and not as tempted to eat too much. And when you eat sweets on a already full stomach, they don't spike your sugar levels like they would if you ate the sweets on an empty stomach. Even a diabetic can enjoy a small amount of dessert as long as its on a full stomach.

Eat responsibly most of the time

We have a tendency to grab sweets when we haven't eaten a balanced diet, or we're tired. When you live a healthier more balanced lifestyle, your craving for sweets will naturally diminish.

Make sure you are eating throughout the day to keep your nutrition levels on an even keel.

Get enough sleep so you don't have the 'I need fuel NOW'  cravings.

When you get the "I need fuel NOW' cravings, try to reach for a salad, or vegetables, or fruits, or nuts. Cheese or peanut butter are good choices too.

Put Sweets in Their Proper Place

Sweets are meant for a little treat now and then. They are not a food group. They are not a meal replacement.

You can enjoy sweets. Just do it responsibly.


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