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What are GMOS, and why should you care?

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Have you wondered exactly what are GMOs?

Have you thought that you don't need to be worried because 'they' would never allow food that is dangerous to be on the grocery store shelves?

Did you know that given a choice, animals will not eat GMO feed?

You might feel that you are powerless, but in Europe - the consumer outcry resulted in GMOs being banned. I've said it before - you vote with your wallet. Every dollar you spend is a vote for or against.

I find that most Americans are turning a deaf ear and I don't understand why. Maybe because it will take some effort to to avoid these products. But the longer we avoid the issue, the tougher its going to be to stop it. The day is coming when we will be powerless if we don't start reacting Right Now!

Here is a series of videos by a talk by Jeffrey Smith, the author of Seeds of Deception. The funny thing is, the first video has gotten 109,000 views. The 4th one - 18,892. Very few people even want to take the time to get informed. And that is exactly why this problem has been allowed to escalate in the U.S when it wasn't tolerated in Europe.

You can continue to turn a deaf ear and be a victim, or you can choose to try to do something about it and protect your health, and the future health of your children. I hope you'll take the time to watch the whole series - Each part is about 10 minutes. I highly recommend part 3 if you are going to skimp. And then part 6 to see what you can do.

Part 1 -


Part 2 -


Part 3 -


Part 4 -


Part 5 -


Part 6 -


I looked for the book at my library, and they don't have it. Funding has been cut for inter-library deliveries. Bummer....


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