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Why you eat, and eat, and eat, but aren't satisfied

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Since the fast food is mostly empty calories, meaning it doesn’t provide your body with any nutrients, you’re still hungry. Not hungry per se, but you feel like you want something else. You’re not satisfied.

That’s your body telling you it needs something else. The problem is, the something else that people usually grab for is sweets. That’s not what your body is wanting. It will keep telling you it is missing something until you give it what it needs. If you keep piling on the empty calories with no nutritional value, your body will keep coming back to you saying, “Nope, that didn’t do it, try again.”

You could eat 5,000 calories and still not be satisfied.

Have you ever had a day like that? You eat and eat and eat, but you’re still hungry? Sometimes all it takes is a glass of water to turn it off. Isn’t that funny? All that eating when in reality you were only thirsty?

When you’re having a day like that, try a glass of water first. If that doesn’t work, try fruit, or vegetables, or nuts, or cheese, or yogurt, or baked crackers, or baked tortilla chips and salsa, instead of reaching for the potato chips or sweets.

The real secret is to satisfy your body's nutritional needs first. Then if you're going to eat something not so good, your body will already have the nutrients, and you'll have less room for the bad stuff. Make sense? You'll be digging in the fridge a lot less. That means not only fewer calories, but a lot less money too!

If we really want to halt obesity and disease, we have to teach our kids to make healthy choices.

Are you giving them healthy food options?

Are you a good example?



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