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What Does Dinner-Time Look Like at Your House?

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In today’s busy world, stopping off to grab a fast food dinner on the way home has become so much the norm. But think about it, what are you really saving? You’re sitting in the car that you’ve already been in far too long, waiting in line. When you finally do get home, your drop the lukewarm greasy bags on the table and everyone digs in.

How about your house?

Do people grab their food and head for the TV? Or does everyone grab their food and head for their room? Does anyone really enjoy the food? Does anyone talk?

Try this experiment. One night, serve your family fast food. The next night, serve them a real dinner.

Have you ever stopped to notice how people eat fast food? Observe how they devour it. It’s just a job to get done. It’s time to eat, so you eat. If you let it get cold, it tastes like cardboard. Not that anyone really tastes it much anyway – they eat it so fast.

But how do people eat when a real dinner is put in front of them? Notice how much slower everyone eats. You actually take time to taste the food. You talk. It’s just a naturally slower pace. Think about what you’re missing.

If you can’t conjure up pictures of the family dinner in your mind, watch some old TV shows! I know some of you never experienced the family dinner on a regular basis. It’s really sad that we’ve lost that part of our culture. It’s worth bringing back and holding on to.

There is a whole other culture of eating that we are losing. The true enjoyment of food and flavor. The social interaction of eating. The love and creativeness that goes into preparing delicious meals. The fun of creating together.

We are being shortchanged! Whoever decided that we should be so busy running and so tired that we can’t enjoy a good meal? Cooking is making a comeback, and it’s about time! People are finding that it actually is relaxing. Imagine that?

And we already talked about the fact that it doesn't take any more time to make a fresh meal. It's true. I make fresh meals almost every night.

Aim for family dinners 3-5 nights a week. Try it for a month. See if it doesn’t make a difference not only in weight, but also in energy levels and family relationships.

If you’re one of those families that have put thousands into remodeling your kitchen in recent years, isn’t it time you starting making use of it and enjoying it?



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