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Who Made Your Food?

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Have you ever been in a house so dirty that you didn't want to eat there?

The idea that food was made in a dirty place makes you imagine pictures of all sorts of nasty things, doesn't it? Like that article that ran a couple months ago about unregulated food shops in China where workers were sweating over the buckets of noodles they were packaging. Gross.


Now picture a bunch of scientists in white lab coats - mixing stuff in beakers. A little flavoring, a little aroma, some chemical compounds and a lot of corn syrup. The resulting concoction is called food. Yummy?

Then they feed it to rats to see how much it takes before they develop cancer to set acceptable limits for human consumption.

And with all the corn syrup we've been fed, is it any wonder that obesity and type II diabetes are skyrocketing?

Go for real food, including -

Real butter

Real cane sugar

Real maple syrup

Of course, you don't want to eat a lot of these foods. But when you do, the real thing will do you a lot less harm than the fake versions.

There have even been claims lately that diet pop actually makes you gain weight. How do you like that?

Did you know that the calories contained in one can of pop a day adds up to 10 pounds over a year?

How much could you reasonably lose if you just made a few simple changes?

Tonight - do a cabinet check. See how many foods you have in your cabinet with the words corn syrup or hydrogenated on the label. You might be in for a shock.

If you want a real shock - watch the videos here -

You may never look at your food the same way again...



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