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You can't afford to be sick

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There was a time in my life where I was so down and out that I could not afford medical care for myself, or my daughter. My daughter was born a micro-preemie at 27 weeks. She was 1 lb. 13 oz. at birth. She's always been prone to respiratory problems. That meant a lot of doctor visits, days off work, and medications. None of which I could afford.

 That put a lot of stress on me, and I was feeling it. High blood pressure, fatigue, depression, irritable, and even suicidal some days.

But I was in that middle ground, making too much money to get any assistance, but not enough to live on.

Our only hope for survival was a healthy diet.

I started doing a lot of research on vitamins, and healthy foods. While I was looking for natural ways to help my daughter's allergies and asthma, and my high blood pressure, I would find things about diabetes – well, my friend has diabetes – so I would make a note of that too. Well, as you can imagine, this just kept growing and growing. I accumulated quite a data base of information.

But since this was for myself, my daughter, and my friends, I wasn't going to rely on just any junk.

I would look to see if anyone else was reporting the same result.

I would search to see if there were any dangerous effects associated with the theory.

It had to be safe enough that the worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn't work and you'd end up going to the doctor anyway.

The end result?

My daughter went for over 2 years without needing a trip to the doctor. When she went for a check-up, the doctor pronounced her asthma free.

Her asthma was cured?

No, unfortunately not. When she went to her dad's and started eating a typical diet again, it came back with a vengeance. Which is especially distressing since he's actually a good cook.

She's now making her own money, taking her vitamins, and exercising more control over her own diet. She went through this last winter without getting sick.

The moral of the story?

She must be committed to a healthy diet for the rest of her life. So must I. So must you. You can't start and stop.

It doesn't mean that you have to be a saint. I strive for 90% ;-)



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