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Impossible to Avoid GMOs?

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Are you finding that it's impossible to avoid GMOs? They're in practically every prepared foods. Even Breads, ketchup, salad dressings, barbeque sauce, jellies, frozen french fries, cakes, candies, cookies…


Unless you're buying organic, they're in your butter, milk, eggs, and all meats including chicken, pork, beef, and fish through the diets the commercial animals are fed which consists of GMO corn. Not to mention the antibiotics and other gross stuff that we won't go into here.

And many baked goods and juices may not have corn syrup anymore, but the added sugars are from Sugar Beets, a GMO product – not Sugar Cane.

The key words you want to avoid are -

Soy anything

Hydrogenated anything (ok, transfats, not GMOs, but you need to get rid of these anyway)



Corn Syrup

Sugar in the ingredient list (some foods contain natural sugars that will show up in the nutrient list)

GreenPeace has a True Food Shopping list that will help you know what you're buying

This all presents quite a challenge, doesn't it?

Here's some suggestions to get you through -

Use more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Make your own salad dressing using olive oil and rice vinegar. Rice vinegar is smoother.

Make your own oatmeal. You know, the regular stuff. Add your own fruit and Cane Sugars. Make sure the sugar you buy says Pure Cane Sugar – not just Pure Sugar.

Make your own pancakes. It's not hard. There's a recipe in the Breakfast section.

Use pure maple syrup. Use Simply Fruit or other natural jellies and jams.

Bake your own goodies, again making sure you're using Cane Sugar.

Contadina tomato paste lists only tomatoes in the ingredients and does not have the white resin liner in the can.

Red Gold canned tomatoes do not have that white resin liner in the can. (BPA is another issue, but while we're cleaning up anyway...)

StonyField yogurt is really good. Carried at Walmart would you believe.

Buy Natural Peanut Butter

Wild fish, not farm raised

Organic Chicken

Grass fed beef and pork

So much for the cheap hams for Easter – sigh...and Smithfield isn't cheap anyway!

Just as a side note, I noticed today that the grocery store was loading up on turkey. I wonder if they expect ham sales to be down after people watched Food Inc.?

What better way to praise God than to eat the food the way he gave it to us?


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