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How to have zero motivation

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Eat these foods when you want to be absolutely sure you won't feel like doing a thing -

Meat   Dairy   Greasy or Fried Foods

Pizza   French Fries   Muffins

White Bread   Soda   Alcohol

Trans Fats

Even though meat and some dairy products are good for you in moderation, they take a lot of energy to digest. Eat small amounts at a time to avoid system overload.

Heavy Drinking- heavy drinkers show clear evidence of brain damage, and test of reading, balance, and other functions. People who drink more than 100 drinks a month are doing incredible damage. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s 3 or 4 drinks a day. I used to drink that much easily. Could be why I have trouble learning new things now.

One of the worst foods for you? Margarine. A recent study done in Australia sound that people who ate just 2 tablespoons a day were twice as likely to have a heart attack as those who ate little or none. A Harvard study found that the partially hydrogenated oils, or trans fats, increased risk of heart disease, heart failure, diabetes and pre-diabetes. You're not going to have much energy that way! 

You have to be careful. Trans fats are in places you would not suspect. Cake mixes, instant potatoes, packaged cookies, doughnuts, pies, and cakes, even energy bars. Read your labels.

One sure way to make sure you don't accomplish a thing today – Mimosa. Yep, works every time!

And there's a good reason that pizza seems to go with a movie.

Once in a while – you need a total 'do nothing' day. But don't make it a habit ;-)


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