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Why Are Organic Foods Healther?

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You might be wondering just why there's such a big to-do about organic foods.

Organic fruits and vegetables have more antioxidants. When chemical herbicides or pesticides are added to crops, they reduce the plants natural ability to fight off pests, which comes from… antioxidants.
Organic is a better choice, but a little more expensive. Organic can have up to 50% more anti-oxidants.

You would think that these chemicals would help to make the plants stronger, but the opposite is true. When disease resistance is being done for them, they just get lazy and don’t produce the anti-oxidants they would have to if they had to survive on their own. (Sounds just like our kids, doesn’t it?)

And if all that weren’t enough, the fruits and vegetables you buy in the store don’t contain as many nutrients as they used to. The land has been over farmed and nutrients have been depleted from the soil. Even so, these are still better than the few or none you’re eating now.

Growing your own garden, buying at farmer’s markets, and buying organic (certified grass fed, free range, etc.) meats as much as you can afford is the way to go. Every little bit helps. But don’t get tricked into thinking that grocery store fruits, vegetables and meats are not safe to eat. They are not as safe, but they still provide you with vital nutrients that your body needs to fight off disease. And they’re much safer than the packaged chemically laced foods. The next best choice to fresh is frozen without sauces.

Heck, if my grandfather saw wild berries growing by the side of the road, he’s stop the car and we’d get out and pick some berries to go on our ice cream that night. We always had fish in the freezer that he caught, cleaned, filleted and froze. He didn’t have to. We had grocery stores. I don’t think he did it because it was healthier for you. He did it because it tastes better. Doesn't the tomato you grew yourself, or picked up at the farmer's market taste a lot better than the ones you get in the grocery store?

Learn to cook easy meals using fresh ingredients. It only takes a few minutes longer and the taste is so much better. You’ll actually enjoy eating more, be healthier, have more energy, and weigh less.

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