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Does Your Food Thrill You?

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It’s time to move forward to a new way of eating and appreciating food. We are going to give you a tune up. Get that engine, and the control center humming like the fine machinery it is.

Your body needs all sorts of different fuels and fluids. It’s a concept that used to be known as a balanced diet. Now, fads rule the media. Low fat, low carb, high carb, high protein, bla, bla, bla, right? If you eat a balanced diet, you will never have to worry about any of that bull ever again. 

Plus, a balanced diet is infinitely more interesting. Many more foods, flavors, and textures to savor. Close your eyes and imagine…

.The cool sweet taste of a strawberry.

.The way a cherry tomato squirts in your mouth.

.The warm burn in your mouth when you eat Mexican foods.

.The mingling of flavors and textures in a plate of spaghetti. The smell that greets you when you lift the cover off the pan. Smells sooo good!

.The smell of marinated chicken on the grill that has the whole neighborhood drooling.

.The pleasure you feel when you family is drawn to the kitchen, following the wafting smells of great food that’s almost ready. Picture it.

Does that Quarter Pounder awaken your senses? Or is it more like a glob of juicy fat nestled in-between two pieces of tasteless cardboard? Imagine that pulsating through your veins. Makes you feel goooood, doesn’t it? Ick.

Have you ever done that? Pictured what the food is doing inside you after you’ve eaten it? Imagine how the fat coagulates inside you. Now enters our hero - broccoli -sending off sparks of energy as it heads off to fight cancer cells sparking with electric energy and blowing those coagulated globs flying while it’s on it’s way to it’s ultimate mission.

Ok, silly – I know. But some foods are packed with power that keep you motivated and fully of energy and life. Others are like the useless boyfriend plopped on the couch with a beer - that drains you of all your energy. Remember him? Sorry guys, it could have been a useless girlfriend. Either way, I think we’ve all had that experience! You get the idea- they do nothing for you other than drain you.

There are foods that contribute to the formation of disease, and those that help prevent, and sometimes even reverse disease.

The funny thing is, the food that contributes to disease doesn’t taste very good. Most people have accepted these nasty tasting foods in the name of convenience, and now they’re paying the price.

You’re on your way to discovering the multitudes of benefits hidden in natural foods. Hundreds of nutrients are packed into everyday foods. These are the foods that help prevent disease, and according to many studies, these foods may even be able to reverse the damage. And they taste so much better.

And another funny thing – you can cook a fresh natural healthy meal in about the same time it takes to make packaged food, or stop off and pick up fast food. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that “Fast” foods didn’t really save any time. Isn’t that infuriating? All this time you’ve been misled, thinking you’re saving time, eating this nasty junk – when you could have been eating real food that tastes good!

It’s time to become a food snob, don’t you think?

Go find some mouth watering recipes to try!

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