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Balanced Diet of Disease

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Do you think you've been eating at least moderately healthy, yet you can't lose weight, or get your sugar levels or blood pressure under control? Are you thinking that this healthy eating stuff is for the birds and doesn't work?

Are you falling for the commercial version of a "healthy diet?" 

Let’s do a cabinet check. Go pull a packaged food out of your cabinet. Do you see any of these on the label?

High fructose corn syrup
Corn syrup
Hydrogenated anything
Trans fats

Take a look at your salad dressing. Chances are, one of the first 2 ingredients is corn syrup. It sure makes things taste good, doesn’t it? It’s also one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes. It skyrockets your blood sugar levels. And you’ll be horrified to see how many products contain corn syrup.

Having a heart attack yet? Wait – all those hydrogenated oils – those are the artery clogging stuff. The stuff that leads to heart disease. They also affect your sex drive and performance.

Okay, picture this – you come back to clean up the frying pan after dinner and the grease is this white gunky stuff. It does that inside your body too. That’s why you can’t move off the couch. Your body is on overload trying to deal with this gunk.

And then we have deceptive packaging. In big bold print it says 0% Trans-Fats. So you think it’s healthier, right? It’s still loaded with saturated fats.

And the low fat stuff? Yeah. Read how much sugar is in that! Something has to make it taste better.

And all those preservatives and chemicals that you can’t pronounce? Those are the cancer causing agents.

And soy? The staple in many vegetarian diets? You thought that was good for you, didn’t you? Oh no, no. The World Health Organization has issued a warning about the high consumption of estrogen-like chemicals. These would include lignanes and iso-flavens found in soy products, and many other foods. Other sources of estrogen-like chemicals can be found in plastic packaging, and pesticides used to treat our fruits and vegetables. Our meats are injected with hormones. In other words, people are consuming a large amount of female hormones. It’s been blamed for the increase in early puberty in girls. It’s an issue that body builders have been aware of, but I doubt that the general public knows this. Why aren’t we seeing this in the headlines? Once they find out, we’ll start seeing silly slogans like – Real Men Don’t Eat Soy.

Soy upsets hormonal balance, affects your thyroid, blocks absorption of calcium, and encourages prostate and breast cancer.

Take those ‘tasty’ soy burgers and throw them right in the trash can. Go have a real burger! Eat lots of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower to rapidly breakdown excess estrogens.

Never, Never, Never microwave in plastic! No plastic in the microwave, ever.

What you don’t know is killing you.

How’s that for a balanced diet? A little of everything! A little diabetes, a little heart disease, a little cancer, and throw in some hormone imbalance for good measure.

I was feeling pretty smug. As I went through my cabinet, it was pretty clean of these offenders… until…. I reached for the Raisin Bran Crunch. I mean, isn’t that supposed to be healthy?

Even your easy healthy choices are not all that safe.

Pre-cut fruits and vegetables are washed in a chlorine wash, and then treated with chemicals to keep them fresher longer. And then they’re wrapped or packaged in plastic.

Avoid the disease diet - Eat as fresh as possible as much as possible.

Go and pick out some new foods and recipes!

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