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Is fast food really faster?

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Here’s a little food history lesson.

I was born in the time when women were starting to seriously hit the workforce. Some went to work because the family needed more money. Others went to work to help relieve boredom. They thought they could do it all. 

Then reality set in. Working outside the home, taking care of the home and the kids, and planning and cooking meals is a lot of work.

Companies scrambled to come up with products to make cooking and cleaning fast and easy. After all, with all these women working – they now had money to spend!

One of the first products to come out was Shake and Bake. My mother and grandmother were just in love with this stuff. They’d put it in front of me and gush, “it tastes like real fried chicken, doesn’t it?” No, it doesn’t. It’s gross.  

Now mind you – you still had to coat the meat, and you still had to cook it for an hour. It spattered all over the oven instead of the stove, and the baking pan was a nightmare to clean. But because of commercial brainwashing – they thought this was faster and easier.

That twisted way of thinking has prevailed all the way to present times.  

Think about it. You can add a few ingredients to your lean ground beef and make delicious sloppy joes, or you can open a can of stuff and throw it in. How much time did you really save? Now you’re getting high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of cancer causing chemicals, it tastes worse, and you haven’t saved more than 5 minutes.  

I used to love Tuna Helper. Then one day it hit me – it’s just as much work to make it fresh.  

And I’m not kidding when I tell you that once you start eating a natural diet, you will be able to taste the chemicals. Most everything packaged has this funny taste that they try to cover up with the high fructose corn syrup or salt.  

Even seemingly harmless things like lemonade mix and soda pop will start to taste bad. The last time we had pizza, I got pop to go with it. The kids didn’t want it.

Even my neighbor told me the other day that she can’t even drink a can of pop anymore.  

Once you start breaking free of the corn syrup addiction, you’ll realize how awful all that stuff really tastes.

Just by making this one lifestyle change, you’ll start to lose weight. If you replace these unhealthy foods with the healthy foods we humans were meant to eat – your body will start to heal. 

Step one – removed all chemically filled packaged, instant, and processed foods from your diet as much as humanly possible, and avoid products with corn syrup – all forms. Some products contain 2 or more forms of corn syrup! 

But it’s a hard change to make at first. That’s why I’ve included a ton of recipes to get you started. Use them!

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