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P.S. Your Diet is Killing You

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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that the population is getting fatter, and diseases are on the rise. A.D.D., Alzheimer’s asthma, cancers, clogged arteries, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and strokes have been rising steadily at an alarming rate. Why?

Your diet is the major contributor in all of it. Your diet is killing you.  

Think about this, prior to the invention of packaged foods, our ancestors weren’t plagued with all of these diseases. Type II diabetes was hardly ever heard of – it was something old people got. Now it’s an epidemic.  

Corn syrup was used to make candy. Now it’s in practically every packaged food. It’s a cheap ingredient that makes other cheap ingredients taste good. Go to your cabinets and read some labels. It’s even in tomato soup! And its no surprise that type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed as we take in all this sugar. According to the last report published by the Center for Disease Control, 20.8 MILLION Americans have Type II Diabetes, 7% of the population – so far.

Our great-grandparents cooked with fresh ingredients, many of which they grew themselves. Cattle, chickens, pigs and fish were all fed their natural diets. Chemicals were not a part of the everyday diet. I remember my grandmother thinking cancer was contagious. It was so rare that they really didn’t understand much about it.

Fatty foods were a big part of the everyday diet, especially if your family was from the south – but it wasn’t the trans-fats you see now. If you look at some of your old family recipes, you’d think you’d have a heart attack just reading them, let alone eating them. And not surprisingly, heart disease has been the leading cause of death since 1910. But now with all these chemicals in our diet, cancer is creeping up and will soon take the lead.  

And while it’s true that people are living longer, they’re spending hundreds of dollars every month on prescription meds, and many do not have much quality of life. Being alive and living are two different things, wouldn’t you agree? 

Our great grandparents didn’t sit around watching television. If they sat around, it was on the front porch so they could talk to the passersby’s. They worked on their gardens. They worked on their cars. They did most of their own remodeling, painting, and wallpapering. They walked most places.  

Now – we eat fast food and packaged foods. We do little work outside of our jobs. We sit at the job. We sit in the car. We sit in front of the TV or the computer.  

Our meat supply is being fed chemicals – hormones and antibiotics, and foods that are not natural for them – and then we eat it.  

Our fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals to kill off pests, to make them grow bigger and faster, to keep them fresher longer (because it takes up to 2 weeks to actually get them on the store shelf), and to make them look better – and then we eat it. Or you don’t, and that’s even worse.

Packaged foods are composed of various chemicals to extend shelf life, to make them look better and taste better (that one’s open for debate), and then we eat it.

And don’t even get me started on fast food.  

Now, add to that the fact that most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, don’t drink enough water, are eating tons of bad carbs and sugars, and are not getting enough exercise or sleep. Common sense will tell you that a body cannot hold up long under those conditions. How long would your car hold up if you treated it like that?  

My mother was a prime example of a bad example. She rarely ate fruit or vegetables. She used a tremendous amount of salt. She never spent any time outdoors. Never got any exercise. Smoked a lot. Drank a lot. She was diagnosed with sinus cancer, which was rare at the time, at age 53, and died that same year. It was a horrible cancer that ate through what we call the windpipe. If she were to drink a glass of water, she would drown. She was fed by tube. She developed dementia – which may have been a godsend for her to not really know what was going on. I have no way of knowing.

What was really odd was that her boyfriend died of the same cancer a few months later. When I questioned the doctor, she simply said, “they abused their bodies the same way

Disease is no fun. Aren't you relieved that you're changing things for you and your family?

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