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Food Babe and Dr. Mercola Interview - Changing the food industry

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Vani Hari, known as the Food Babe is an activist to change the food industry. She investigates popular food items to dig up what is really in them. In tis interview with Dr. Mercola she shares her story, and many of her findings, such as - 

Chiplote and Subway are not as healthy as they seem, and how hard it was to get the ingredients from the companies.

Kraft supplies foods without dangerous dyes that cause hyperactive disorders in other countries. They also have to label products that contain these chemicals, and they must label GMOs. But they will feed their own nation these toxic poisons. 

How she made a ruckus at the democratic convention

And much more...

Here in Illinois, Senator Durbin has been a strong supporter of Monsanto, and works tirelessly to make supplement makers go through costly approval procedures which would raise the prices or make them unavailable.

"Our entire existence on earth is being jeopardized." Food Babe

"40% of the population is destined to get cancer." Food Babe

Yes, it is long. Watch this instead of commercial TV tonight. Share the knowledge with your family and friends - People you care about.

Find ways to avoid these products. Use the recipes here! While they are not 100% organic, they are a good first step to eliminating toxic foods from your diet.

Shop at farmer's markets as much as possible.

If you buy things with a label, read the label. 

"You can pay the farmer, or you can pay the hospital." Birke Baehr in his Ted Talk at 14 years old


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