End Boring Expensive Lunches

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How can you do away with boring, unhealthy, expensive lunches at the office?

Wouldn't it be nice to eat a great tasting lunch that didn't leave you feeling all sluggish, and doesn't cost a mint?

Here's what you can do to have restaurant quality lunches every day >>>

I watch while the girls at work order out every day – gaining pound after pound, and spending a fortune.


Honestly, the amount of money they spend horrifies me. $8, $9, $10 bucks a day! Seriously, the ones who do order salad think that they are eating healthy. Iceberg lettuce is about as nutritionally sigificant as a glass of water. And this costs $8?


Here's the greatest investment you can make -

how to end boring lunches


That's right, a cooler lunchbox and an ice pack.


Then head over to the Salad Recipes and start enjoying yourself.


You don't have to worry about keeping something in the gross office refrigerator, you don't have to walk anywhere, cook in the disgusting microwave, or spend a fortune.


And when you're done, get out and take a little walk – get the blood moving, clear your head, and relax a little. You'll come back a lot more productive.


And you'll save a small fortune!


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