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Breakfast of Champions

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Feeling a little sluggish? Trying to fit too much into 24 hours? Heat getting to you?

Imagine a breakfast that gives you a nutrient blast that will fill you up and give you energy in less than 10 minutes, and that tastes like a creamy dessert. Your whole family will love this for breakfast! 

That's exactly what smoothies let us do.

Here are some basics to include in your daily smoothie breakfast -

Almond milk, Coconut milk and/or vanilla no sugar added yogurt depending on how thick you want it.

Frozen banana – makes it creamy, adds taste, and gives you a potassium blast. To freeze, peel, dip in diluted lemon juice, throw them in a freezer container and freeze. I break them in half. Half a banana is really enough.  

Frozen berries – use frozen to preseve the consistency of the shake. You can freeze them yourself, or buy no sugar added frozen berries.

Whey protein – not soy protein. Again, no sugar added. I am so happy with the way this new habit makes me feel. Its amazing. I've read a lot of articles lately about the benefits of whey protein, but I never took it very seriously - until I read that it helps lower blood pressure. That got my attention! I'll have to let you know next time I have my blood pressure checked.

A handful of organic spinach leaves (break off stems). You won't taste it, yet you'll get all the nutrients.

Some people like to throw in a raw egg. There are a lot of nutrients in the egg yolk.

Coconut oil is gaining popularity for keeping your brain healthy. You can throw a teaspoonful or two in and you won't even notice it. Coconut doesn't have that same oily feel as the other oils do. It won't give your smoothie an oily feel.

But for your basic fast breakfast, I like to stick to almond milk, a scoop of chocolate whey protein, ½ a banana, a handful of berries, and some spinach.

But the vanilla whey protein mixed with orange juice, ½ a banana, and vanilla yogurt is yummy too.

The combinations you can come up with for smoothies is endless. As a matter of fact, there is a new ebook of smoothie recipes in the Member Library.



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