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The Great Meat Cover-up

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So, when exactly did meat become bad for you? 

People used to eat red meat practically every day, but suddenly it's so bad for you that you should never touch it. Here's the story -  

People were eating so much meat that we could no longer meet the demands with old school farming methods. There just isn't enough grass in the world to feed enough cattle to satisfy everyone's taste for beef, and keep it at a price that people would pay. Besides, we need that land for real estate.  

The solution is to pen the cattle up on smaller plots of land so you could sell off the pastures and make more money. You feed the cattle plenty of GMO corn and hormones to get them fatter faster. You pump them full of antibiotics because disease can spread quickly in these tight quarters.  

This worked so well, they started doing it with chickens too. Aren't you thrilled when you get chicken breasts that are bigger than yours for only $1.69 a pound?

Did you ever stop to think that this is not natural?

Did you ever question exactly what it is you're eating?

If your meat ate hormones, then you are eating hormones. Is it a coincidence that there has been a steady increase in breast and prostate cancers?  

If your meat is filled with antibiotics, then you are overdosing on antibiotics, making them totally ineffective when you do need them.

You have GMO's that have recently been tied to birth defects, sterilization, and disease. The outcry in Europe was so loud that they have banned GMOs. But people in the U.S. have chosen to stay ignorant and happily eat their cheap meat and fake GMO filled foods.

The government happily supports Monsanto's growth to the point where there will not be a food source available that does not contain GMOs – even in Europe.

The U.S. Government strives to keep people ignorant. They have taken that quest to the World Health Organization striving to pass laws that make it illegal to put information on any label that would indicate the presence of GMOs.  

Now I don't know why Monsanto owns the U.S. Government, but it is obvious that they are working for Monsanto and a handful of other industries – and NOT for the people.  

But the bottom line is – organic meat is not bad for you. As a matter of fact there are some nutrients that your body need that you can only get from meat. But like anything else that tastes good (like chocolate, or coffee, or wine for example) – too much is a bad thing. No more than 6 oz. a day.

Yes, it costs more in the short term. But you'll save money in the long run on future medical expenses. And it tastes so much better!  

That's really why we're here, right? Good for you food that tastes good!


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