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The 'You're Sick' Myth

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You know, I'm always amazed at how people rationalize not eating fruits and vegetables. My sister is a great one. She has bad knees, elbows, feet, allergies, and is either sick or depressed most of the time.


You know I've preached and preached, to no avail. I asked her today if she was sure that she didn'twant to try eating fruits and vegetables. You'll love this one...

She told me that she has a HBLA 27 and it's genetic so it wouldn't help. Oh, and I probably have it too.

hmmm, that would explain why I'm thin and healthy and active, and she's not. Who fed her that one! Maybe all the doctors who are making money on all the visits, and surgeries, and drug company kick-backs? I mean, the girl is a goldmine.

If that was you, wouldn't you at least try dietary changes? Wouldn't you want to help yourself improve without being subjected to all of that?

I certainly hope so!

Take better care of yourself - the payoff is great!


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