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The Diet Pop Myth

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If you're a pop drinker, you're almost guaranteed to lose weight if you would just replace the pop with something else. Dropping 1 can of pop a day can mean a weight loss of up to 10 pounds over a year! Even diet pop.

Ironically, pop will not quench your thirst or hydrate you. It will cause a sugar spike, and increase your body fat, and still leave you thirsty. What's the point?

But you say – you only drink diet pop? It turns out that the artificial sweeteners do trick your body to an extent. It goes into sugar mode, even though its not really getting sugar. Then its like a child throwing a tantrum -”hey, you said you were going to give me sugar, and I want it!” Now its craving the sugar you didn't give it.

Current research is suggesting that these chemical reactions actually cause you to gain more weight than if you had drank the regular pop. How's that for a slap in the face?

Instead, drink juices (without a lot of sugar or fructose), lemonade, flavored waters, ice tea, or have a smoothie to satisfy both your thirst and your sweet tooth. If you crave the carbonation, have a flavored carbonated water. The blackberry one is really good! Expand your horizons.....

Your skin and your teeth will thank you for it too. Plus the corn syrup and fructose used to make pop taste good are lethal to your body in large doses.

Hmmm, drop just one can of pop a day, and drop 10 pounds this year. Makes you wonder... what other simple little things could you do to lose weight?

May be losing weight isn't that hard after all...


P.S. Water with fresh lemon is really good and has tons of benefits. Don't overdo it though. Too much is bad for your teeth and your vocal chords. There we go with that moderation thing again!

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