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Is Juice Good or Bad?

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 A lot of people have been led to believe that juice is not healthy.

You have to get good at reading labels. If a juice lists corn syrup, or worse - high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, drop it like a hot potato!

On the other hand, juice is an easy way to get more nutrients into your diet. The Gerson Diet which is a cancer curing diet, is based on flooding your body with nutrients from very specific vegetable juices all day long. The diet actually forbids you from drinking just plain water.

A glass or two a day of fruit or vegetable juice (without the corn syrup) a day is a good addition to your healthy diet plan. The good news is - manufacturers are pulling corn syrup out of their products quickly - like it's a toxic poison or something. Oh wait, it is a toxic poison.

I drink orange juice and cranberry juice often. The combination makes your skin look better, keeps your arteries clear, and keeps your immune system strong.

Tomato juice is great for adding lycopene.

Vegetable juice is an easy way to knock off one serving of veggies a day.

Juices are a great addition to your healthy diet – but they are not a total substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables. You still want to get in 3-5 more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables - preferably raw.

Yes, of course it's better to eat the real thing, or juice it yourself – but we live in the real world. I'm all for anything that will up our nutrient intake easily. We just have to be smart about it.

Juice Myth - Busted!





What juice has more vitamin C than orange juice?


What juice helps remove plaque from your teeth, and

your arteries? Oh, and it fights infections too!


What juice can help reduce blood pressure?


Answer- Cranberry Juice


And you thought it was just for kidney infections!


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