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Irritable Bowel

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Irritable bowel is usually caused by a poor diet and too much stress. Many times there is a food that upsets your system. It may not be a full blown allergy, but you feel it when you eat it.


If you're eating a poor diet – stop.

If you're stressed – find ways to relax. For me, having a clean house is relaxing. A messy house is stressful. You might have music that relaxes you, or reading might work. Funny movies relieve stress. So does taking a walk or exercising. Make it a point to relax every day.

Foods that help are - 

High fiber, lots of water, low fat, avoid milk, caffeine, and alcohol – especially beer.

The chemical butyruc-acid, found in real butter may be helpful. Eat a small amount of real butter every day to keep intestinal cells happy.



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