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Make room for getting moving

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Unfortunately, wanting to exercise is not the same as actually exercising. If it were, I'd have no need to write this article, and you'd have no need to read it. But, we are talking about reality here. and the reality is that exercise is so beneficial that it is important to make it a part of even the busiest schedules. 

Just as they say 90% of success is showing up, so too it is with exercise. 90% of exercise is just being ready to go any time the opportunity or urge strikes. Here are some ideas to help you be prepared when that happens to you. 

Make some room - You do not have to install a complete home gym (unless you want to), but if possible, clear a space in your home that is devoted exclusively to exercise. Have your heavier, or bulkier equipment here. Put up some motivational posters and have a way to play heart-pumping music to help you along. However, do not think this is the only place you can exercise. Feel free to break into spontaneous fitness anywhere you like. 

Home equipment - Just having the equipment you need on hand may be enough to push you over the edge of inactivity to a full-blown workout. It doesn't have to be fancy, nor expensive, but look for items with sturdy construction. Make sure to make whatever you buy readily available. Things like a set of weights, Pilates equipment, resistance bands, and a treadmill or stepper, for example, will take care of most of what you need. However, be wary of plunking down your hard earned money on every new-fangled exercise gadget hawked on television. No matter what they lead you to believe - you still have to do the work. 

Make it easy - Have you ever over-complicated something? We all have. Exercise is one of those things we tend to make more complicated than it is, and the hucksters of the latest exercise contraptions add fuel to that fire. thinks of ways that you can easily incorporate exercise into your existing routine - the idea is not to change your schedule to add exercise, but to do the opposite. 

Remove excuses - The good thing about exercise is that are so many reasons for doing it. The bad thing is that we often have just as many excuses for not doing it. To make exercise fit into your hectic lifestyle, remove as many excuses as you can. Don't have the right shoes? Get some. Don't belong to a gym? Join one. Don't like to jog (or any other exercise)? Then do something else. See, even though there are so many excuses, it just so happens there are just as many solutions to them. 

Doing these four simple things will make it much easier to exercise whenever the opportunity arises. Do it right, and it may be harder not to fit exercise into a busy schedule.