Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning – Task #4

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beautiful ceiling fanGosh, I really dislike February. For the shortest month, it just drags on and on. Its cold and dreary when we’re anxious to see warmth and sunshine.

Which makes it the perfect time to tackle a lot of spring cleaning!

So, the task this week is ceiling fans.

UGH! Right?

Get up on a ladder. Take the globes or light covers off and wash them.

Brush the loose dirt off. Wash the blades with a mixture of 1 cup vinegar to one gallon water. Add a couple drops of dish washing detergent. Be gentle. You don’t want to ruin the balance of the blades and have a wobbly fan.

Now that you’re through the worst of it, why not go ahea an clean any other ceiling fixtures?

I know, I know…But you’ll be so happy when you’re sitting and admiring your work later. Maybe while enjoying a glass of wine? You deserve it!

For a whole house that stays clean easily…

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1 thought on “Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning – Task #4

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