Jump Start Spring Cleaning – Bite Size Task #1

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Have you thought about spring cleaning?

Whoever thought it was a good idea to start cleaning when it gets nice out and we can finally get outside?

I like to start now when we’re stuck inside and bored anyway… And this year I’m going to do things a little differently. Instead of giving the the big overwhelming spring cleaning list- I’m going to give you just one task at a time.

Start with a cobweb check and take a good look at each room. Use an extended duster, or your vacuum attachments to go around and get rid of any cobwebs and such. This week’s task is…

Washing Ceilings and Walls

Definitely not one of my favorite things to do. I really put it off until I can’t stand it anymore.

Then I just do a little at a time. If I decided to wash the ceiling, I figure that’s enough for one stint. I often wash one wall at a time.

Pick the rooms that you need to tackle first…

I started the bathroom doing from the floor as high as I could reach. I know its backwards, but I was too lazy to drag out a ladder. Now I have about 8 inches of yuck up around the ceiling that looks really bad, so I’ll be motivated to finish.

Eventually its done. It wouldn’t get done at all if I waited until I have the time and motivation to do it all at once.

I’ve been using Mr. Clean for this task lately.

Magic Erasers are good for removing heavy spots, but be aware that they will remove glossy finishes also. I’ve had that happen to an eggshell finish, and a rangehood. You’ve been warned…

And usually, not all the rooms need to be done. The kitchen and bathroom always need to be done. Then the other rooms you just do as needed. Make sure you keep up with handprints and scuffs.

OK, I admit, this is a big bite, but there’s no rush. We have a couple more months of winter… Just do a little at a time.

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4 thoughts on “Jump Start Spring Cleaning – Bite Size Task #1

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