If you’ve ever been touched by cancer…

Rob Dyer is the founder of the charity "S...

Rob Dyer is the founder of the charity “Skate 4 Cancer”. Original caption: :Skate 4 Cancer is an absolutely amazing cause that seeks to educate about cancer prevention. “The cure is knowledge.” If you have no idea who Rob is or what Skate 4 Cancer is, go check out myspace.com/skate4cancer and read the story. :If you see Rob at Warped Tour go say hi and maybe buy a shirt! :Dream. Love. Cure. Skate 4 Cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today another person I know has been told that they think she has cancer. They haven’t actually found the cancer yet, but they are sure that it must be.

When I got home, there was an email selling a cancer cure report. This page had a link to this video.

I figured I would watch it for a few minutes to see what they were selling. Cynical, right?

Well, whoever put this documentary together did a lot of research. The lengths that our government will go to to protect the pharmaceutical industry is unconscionable.

Take the time to watch this video when you can. Maybe during one of the rainstorms…


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