I am making Thanksgiving Dinner after all

Thanksgiving dinner in Canada.
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Yes, Thanksgivng Dinner will be at my house.

I have 3 days off between now, and Thanksgiving Day.

Am I freaking out? Naw. I have a plan.

The menu is planned. I started buying a couple things here and there.

I started wiping out the fridge tonight. Actually, I only did the door, but that’s OK. One little thing everyday, and everything will be done. No biggie.

I’ve been doing this for a lotta years.

And its my daughter’s birthday on Thanksgiving this year. She wants a chocolate cake with orange icing. Interesting….

Do you want my plan?

It covers everything from menu planning to shopping lists, to getting the house ready, recipes, and a step-by-step plan for getting your big dinner on the table without losing your mind. You can get it here >>>

You can get a bunch of stuff out of the way this weekend. I will get some done, but I’m working all weekend at the spa. Stop in and say hi!

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