Want to be treated better?

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Americans dress like slobs

My daughter has this whole rant that she gets on about the way women dress these days. I wish I could get it on video someday. She’d have you rolling.

Rolling out of bed, scrunching your hair into a messy bun, and leaving the house that way!

And we wonder why the country is in such a mess?

Everything’s a mess. Their clothes are a mess. Their house is a mess. Their diet is a mess. Their car is a mess. How can their life be anything other than a mess?

Really. Think about that.

The thing I just can’t understand is how it became cool to look like you’re homeless.

When I did jury duty earlier this year, the summons said dress was business casual. I wore nice pants and a sweater. One other girl dressed nice. We were way overdressed. The courtroom is a place of respect. How can you go in dressed like a bum?

The funny thing is, we did not bow to the masses and dress down. The two of us continued to dress respectfully. The other jurors upped their game at least a little.

We acted the part. Our jury earned respect. At the end of the trial, the judge came in and told us what a great jury we were.

It you want a good job, you dress for the interview. You want to make a good impression, right?

But have you seen the masses lined up for cattle calls at Amazon? I was shocked at how people who supposedly wanted a job came to be interviewed.

As a manager, I would think If you can’t put a little effort into your appearance, what kind of employee will you be? Next!

I’ve even noticed in the grocery store – the same one I go to at least a couple times a week, that when I’m dressed better they treat me better. Try that experiment yourself and see what happens.

People who dress better are treated better.

People who dress better feel better about themselves, and consequently, are treated better, which makes them feel even better about themselves.

Its the start of a new school year. Your kids can make a positive expression that will help them succeed this year.

Dress for success still applies.

When you look like a slob, people will think you’re a slob and they will treat you like a slob.

Warning – Some adult language in the video below.


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