Go To Dinner Ideas For Busy Weeks Like This

chicken-potato-teriyakiHere we are – the final stretch before Christmas, and so much left to do!

But you gotta eat, and feeding your family would be nice too 🙂

Oh, there’s fast food, but you need energy, and the weather outside is frightful – you need to stay healthy.

Here are some of my favorite ‘go-to’ dinners for when I’m really busy – Continue reading

To everyone who wants to stay vibrant and healthy

I came across this video of Dr. Terry Wahls. I first became fascinated with Dr. Wahls because a few years ago they thought that I might have MS. I was researching the disease when I stumbled upon of of her earlier videos. This woman healed her MS through diet and lifestyle changes.. Incredible.

But its not just MS. These same methods are being studied as a way to help many chronic diseases.

It is my hope that everyone will watch this, take it to heart and make some changes…

I have found that making lasting changes in diet is a gradual process for most people. Continue reading