Your Corned Beef Has Been Absolved

corned-beef-cabbage-campbellsSome Bishops have announced that it is OK to eat corned beef since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday during Lent. I guess you will have to check with your particular parish for the rules that apply to your area. Or just plan a trip to the confessional…

Yes, really.

Anyway – I’m not much for corned beef and cabbage myself. I would rather have stuffed cabbage, or a corned beef sandwich.

I have made it a few times. Here is my recipe that dates back before slow cookers and processed foods, so no seasoning packet. I guess you could call it natural. There are no artificial ingredients other than what they use to cure the corned beef. I think the next time I make it I might add the brown sugar and mustard from MamaGourmand’s recipe below. Continue reading

This Favorite Dinner is a Powerhouse!

With the roller coaster weather, there are a lot of nasty colds and flu going around. Quite a few of us have felt like we’re coming down with something, but we haven’t gotten full blown sick. You know the feeling?

As I was making dinner to take to my sister’s house the other day, I realized just how powerful this meal I was preparing was. I don’t think any germs could survive this dinner!

The meal is Chicken Fajitas. Its a fun and delicious meal.

Here’s what makes it so powerful – Continue reading