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My name is Carole, and I’m here to help you make your life better.

Calm Single MomWho am I to make that claim?

I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to juggling things. I was a single mom for 20 years. My baby girl is now getting married… And there’s the job, the blog, writing ebooks, taking care of the house, cooking and keeping us healthy, and friends and family to spend time with.

We enjoy good food. I make it a priority to take care of our health by making fresh food almost every day, and I’m a clean freak – according to most of my friends and family. I also like gardening, decorating, and taking walks.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s all in how you choose to spend them.

Consider 2 families you may know…

They are both living in the same neighborhood and have the same level of income – yet –

One family is happy, the house is clean, they eat good meals, the kids are smart and well behaved, they seem to have tons of energy and are always doing things.

The other family lives in chaos, the house is a wreck, they live on fast food, the kids are terrors, there’s constantly yelling coming from that house, and all they have to talk about is what was on TV last night.

What makes the difference?

Is it upbringing? Might be to some extent, but my sister and I were raised in the same house and our lifestyles are totally different. So, it can’t be upbringing.

So what is it then?

Simple. It’s the habits you’ve let yourself fall into.

Watching TV is a habit. 

Cleaning house is a habit.

Eating fast food is a habit.

Cooking dinner is a habit.

Taking a walk after dinner is a habit.

Taking the garbage out on Sunday night is a habit.

Getting up at 6 AM is a habit.

Some habits are forced upon us, others are by choice, and a lot of them are by trance.

…”It’s what everyone does.”

Doesn’t everyone come home from work too tired to cook?

Doesn’t everyone grab whatever fast stuff for dinner?

Doesn’t everyone spend their evenings in front of the TV?

And that’s true for the majority of people. And as a result, the majority is overweight, have high blood pressure, take cholesterol meds, and… Fill in the blank. I mean, doesn’t everyone you know have at least one of these – asthma, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or depression?

Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean that you have to do it to. (How’s that for a line right out of the Mother’s handbook?)

Are you ready to buck the trend and live life to it’s fullest?

Life is hard. My life has been exceptionally hard – raised by alcoholics, physically, mentally, and sexually abused, attracted men with the same qualities of course, moved up in a great career -only to have the industry crash, had a premature daughter… shall I go on?

The point is, there are things in life you can control – your home environment, your diet, and yourself. That’s where the common sense part comes in. No one has you tied to the couch forcing your to eat bags of chips and pouring diet pop down your throat. You are doing that to yourself.

Don’t give me the expensive baloney. I can get a pound of organic spring mix for $5.99. Do you know how much lettuce is in a pound? Its a lot, let me tell you. I can make one chicken breast feed 2 people with many of the recipes inside the members area. And when you eat like that, you’ll look and feel better and have energy to get off that couch and do something. Its a lot more expensive to be sick.

There is no reason that your home has to look like a garbage heap. Your home environment is so important for your metal health. All the clutter and resulting chaos just wear on you. A clean inviting home makes you feel better the moment you walk in the door. It doesn’t have to be furnished with expensive stuff to be cozy and comfortable. Almost everything in my home is old. I still have my first dresser that I bought in the 70s. Take care of things and they will look good for a long-long time.

I know how hard it is to change old habits and to develop a do it now attitude. Once you start to experience benefits instead of consequences it gets easier.

What do I mean?

Say you didn’t feel like cleaning the kitchen last night. Now you live with the consequences of getting up to a smelly crusty mess and no place to make your meals for the day. UGH! That’s a stressful way to start the day and can further escalate to resorting to fast food, putting on more weight, feeling sluggish all day, and increasing your risk of disease.

On the other hand, if you had cleaned the kitchen you get to get up and pour yourself a cup of coffee, relax, and get your head on straight for the day. It feels good to have a nice calm start to the day. You have time to plan healthy food that will keep your family healthy, trim and full of energy. When you get home, you can relax, have a great meal and spend time talking and laughing with your family. You take a few minutes to clean up the kitchen while everything is still fresh and easy to clean, and then head off to do what you want to do. Maybe take a walk, exercise, play, read something that will help you improve your life even more…

All rewards from changing one little habit. Who would have thought something so simple could make such a big difference?

My mission is to help you make life better.

If you want more out of life – visit often. I’ll show you how it’s done. Of course the best way to not miss anything is to subscribe below 😉 When you do, you get a free mini-course to help you start putting these habits to work in your life. It’s pretty cool how you can radically change your life in the next couple of weeks.


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