If you’ve ever been touched by cancer…

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Rob Dyer is the founder of the charity "S...

Rob Dyer is the founder of the charity “Skate 4 Cancer”. Original caption: :Skate 4 Cancer is an absolutely amazing cause that seeks to educate about cancer prevention. “The cure is knowledge.” If you have no idea who Rob is or what Skate 4 Cancer is, go check out myspace.com/skate4cancer and read the story. :If you see Rob at Warped Tour go say hi and maybe buy a shirt! :Dream. Love. Cure. Skate 4 Cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today another person I know has been told that they think she has cancer. They haven’t actually found the cancer yet, but they are sure that it must be.

When I got home, there was an email selling a cancer cure report. This page had a link to this video.

I figured I would watch it for a few minutes to see what they were selling. Cynical, right? Continue reading

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