Flood Mosquitoes

MosquitoesIt started raining July 11. Last week was my birthday. It was a week of eating out a lot, torrential rains, flooding, fluctuating temperatures from summer to fall and back to summer, and my body gave out. I got sick.

I was only sick for a couple of days, but then the mold allergies kicked in. I’ve been in a sinus fog…

Its amazing. Its a couple weeks later and we still have many roads closed. I was not personally affected this time other than trying to get around. My heart goes out to the people who can’t even begin to clean up until the water goes down.

But now another problem has reared its ugly head…mosquitoes! Continue reading

Something cool and fruity

Tropical Smoothie

In the hot summer months, we seem to crave things that are cool and fruity. Emma and I were at a farmers market yesterday up in Kenosha. There were all kinds of sweets from pastries to fudge… Emma did cave and have an apple cider donut from Apple Holler.

We finally made it through the market, and finally decided what we wanted for lunch. She had tacos that she said were marvelous. I had jerk chicken. Afterwards fruit seemed like the perfect ending Рcool, hydrating and sweet.

I stumbled across this recipe from the member’s area and it made my mouth water … Continue reading