See it – Believe it – Work for it

I stumbled across this video, and I thought it was valuable enough to share.


There are tons of so called Law of Attraction coaches out there teaching visioning, imagining that you already have achieved  - and somehow this will all just drop in your lap. The missing piece is the work your butt off part. Most people don’t want to hear that part, so they leave it off. But it is what separates the true successes from the rest of the herd. Remember that!

What one step will you take today toward your dream?

Spring Cleaning Checklist

4725028696_c3b90d7241Spring Cleaning is the time when we do the things we ignore the rest of the year, right?

Years ago, we had this one account that was an old mansion. We used to clean every item, every baseboard, cove molding, picture, chandelier, light fixture, and wall on all 3 floors. It took weeks. It was a big job. And it cost big money. They don’t have it done anymore.

Aren’t you glad that yours isn’t that big a job?

Here’s a list to make sure you’ve hit everything… Continue reading