Dijon Sauce for Fish

Here is another way to make your fish more enticing. This Dijon Sauce works well with Salmon, Tuna, or Whitefish.

Baked fish on vegetables (low-fat)

(Photo credit: nettsu)


Dijon Sauce

1/3 cup Dijon mustard

3 Tablespoons olive oil

3 Tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon minced garlic


Mix the ingredients together.

Season your fish with salt and pepper.

Place in greased baking dish

Pour half of the sauce over the fish.

Bake fish at 400F for 10-15 minutes, or until cooked through.

Serve with the remaining sauce.

Great served with steamed asparagus or broccoli that you can pour a little sauce over. 


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More sugar in your yogurt than your pop? Wow

I always love watching presentations by Michael because he is so real. Everyone has their beliefs about food and how it is affecting our health. He explains things in a fun and easy to understand way.


Did you learn anything new?


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Incredible Things Community Can Achieve

This is an awesome story about a community coming together to improve the landscape, improve food, improve education, improve business, foster volunteerism, build strong community ties, and improve lives.

I think its an incredible story about human spirit and the things we can do when we come together -


Do you think something like this could be started where you live?


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The greatest exercise for mind, body, and soul

Walking in Shilda

Walking in Shilda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring is actually here, finally! It is time to get out and do one of simplest, cheapest, most rewarding exercises ever … Continue reading

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Just a couple of days of this

An earthworm being eaten by an American Robin.

An earthworm being eaten by an American Robin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a confession – I’ve been eating poorly. Yes, me.

But I have an excuse! I have been working really hard on a project. I’ve been learning new things and I will be revealing the results soon – at least I hope.

So, if I got a pizza on Friday night, I would get a large and eat it all weekend so I could focus on my work. I ate way too much pasta because its fast and cheap. I didn’t want to go out in the cold and pick up more fresh produce, so I wasn’t eating my fruits and vegetables.  Continue reading

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