The Demise of Pride and Discipline

Capital Pride and Kaiser Permanente Present Bu...

Capital Pride and Kaiser Permanente Present Build Your Best Life Total Health Festival 42522 (Photo credit: tedeytan)

Times have changed. Two of the things that made this country great are all but gone.I ran across an old clip of Jack LaLanne talking about pride and discipline. He said that growing up, men always work a jacket and tie. His mom was always made up. People took pride in their appearance. Now – do a search for the word pride and see what comes up… Continue reading

How could this happen and no one notice?

Hitler Youth.jpg

Hitler Youth.jpg (Photo credit: Will Manley)

There is an old movie going around Facebook. It all started with the question, if only 10% of the German population was part of the Nazi Party – how come no one did anything to stop the slaughters. This teacher set out to demonstrate just how easily that happens – Continue reading